I know, I know… this sporatic posting has got to stop. I apologize. Life has been very hectic lately, and I am just now getting used to the new semester. Let’s start from the most recent and work our way back… Today was my first discussion section for CS 280 (C++ programming). We went over the mysteries that are FTP, telnet, pico, and the g++ compiler. Aside to that obvious sarcasm, the GSI (graduate student instructor (read: TA)) is quite foreign, and impossible to understand. No longer will my prescence be necessary at that class. During 280 lecture yesterday, I sat beside an overly stressed sorority girl. The stereotype was in full effect, as she complained about how she had no time for programming since it was rush week and she had to party. She also complained about the complexity of UNIX. All she has to do was type three well-documented commands. We are even allowed to use Visual C++ for most of the work! Dumb blonde. Two nights ago was scary. The main server at The Michigan Daily went down. All of the stories, production templates, everything. Couldn’t do anything to the server remotely, so I dragged my ass to StudPub. Logged in at the console, and it turns out that all 4 of the data hard drives had crashed, destroyed their disklabels, and could not be accessed with AppleTalk. After an hour of scratching my head as to what would cause the 4 data drives to crash all at once, yet keep the operating system drive intact, we decided to blame the weather. “Lightning”, we told all of the frustrated Daily staff. Oddly enough, even without disklabels, the drives randomly came back up for an hour. Down for 2 more hours, and now they have been up for 48. Stability, not my concern. Other than that, life has been boring…. Everyone needs to tell me what makes their life interesting.