Not sure who is the original source of this:

so i’m waiting for the bus at cc little to go to north campus, and this girl walks up and stands next to me. she’s hot, by the way, and she’s wearing a tri-delt sweatshirt. after i was done thinking about how hot she was, i realize that she’s an idiot because i’m wearing my winter fucking coat and am still cold and she’s standing outside waiting for a bus in nothing more than a sweatshirt. well, i’ve probably never been more right about anything in my life.

so right when the bus is coming up she sees one of her friends – had to be in a sorority if not tridelt due to the black fuck me pants, black down north face jacket, black wool hat and black framed glasses. she also had black sandals on – yes, it was still cold outside.

as i get on the bus, they sit down in front of me, which was nice, because remember, they’re both hot. i’m not really paying attention to anything in particular, mostly because i’m contemplating how much it sucks that i’m going to north campus to sit in a class that i don’t really need to be going to anyway, and so it catches me off guard a bit when i realize what the two girls in front of me are talking about. hard boiled eggs. it was just weird, that’s all.

so anyway, i’m listening to the girl in black bitch about how her roommate will hard boil all of the eggs in the fridge to use on salads at once, and then keep them in the egg carton so that when she wants to use an egg (god only know for what purpose – it certainly wasn’t to eat, unless she was planning on inducing vomiting afterwards) she cracks it open only to find that it’s hard boiled and not a raw egg. well this is where it starts to get entertaining for all of the engineers on the bus. now, it was just about 1 o’clock when i was on the bus, so there were a lot of non-engineering students just headed back to bursley after class, and thus only about half the bus was keeping an eye on the hot chicks – you see, engineers don’t come across girls much, and when we encounter hot chicks we tend to just kind of stare at them. well, anyway, remember the girl in black was talking about all of the hard boiled eggs.

so, the girl in the sweatshirt says, rather loudly, “well, why don’t you just unboil them?”

now, remember we on the bus that are paying attention are all engineers. i had already figured out that this girl was an idiot (sweatshirt in the cold), but the rest of the engineers must have been too engrossed staring at her to think much of that, so when she says the line about unboiling the eggs, one engineer just about chokes on his jimmy john’s while the others stares turn from awe to amazement and shock at her stupidity – it really was funny.

so the girl in black actually notices everyone staring at them at this point, and gets a little bit freaked out. she says something like, “what the fuck are you talking about, you can’t unboil an egg”, to which dumb sweatshirt girl says, sure you can, my boyfriend told me all about it.

and i’ll spare you the story, but it basically involved a practical joke that her boyfriend had played on her which resulted in her cracking a raw egg on her forehead. by now, most of the people on the bus, even the non-engineers, are trying to contain their laughter. i really can’t, and i’m pretty much laughing out loud, but only the girl in black notices.

and she gets pissed – either at the sweatshirt girl, or at everyone laughing at her, i don’t know – and starts YELLING, “YOU CANT UNBOIL AN EGG”. each time she yells it, sweatshirt girl starts getting bitchier and bitchier, yelling “YES YOU CAN”. finally, the dude in front of them turns around, looks sweatshirt girl in the eye and says “you’re crazy, you can’t unboil an egg”. this shut her up at least, and the north face girl looks really happy at being validated – i think that during the whole argument she wasn’t really sure herself that you couldn’t unboil an egg.

so the sweatshirt girl just sits there for a minute, and then i can hear her mumbling under her breath something about “chemicals” and “her boyfriend” and she finally tells the northface girl that “i’m sure you can somehow.”

northface girl of course just yells “NO YOU CANT”.

by now, most of the engineers have slapped their foreheads and left their hands there, making a pretty funny scene – a whole bunch of dorky guys holding their hands to their heads while shaking them.

the girls talked about it for a while, and finally sweatshirt girl agreed that maybe you couldn’t unboil an egg. by now, the rest of the bus was talking about it, and from the front, we could all hear a flaming homosexual music major ask, in the loudest, gayest voice possible, “Well, why *couldn’t* you unboil an egg”, which caused me and just about everyone else to go into convulsions of laughter all over again.

by now, we had just about reached the stop, but stupid sweatshirt girl wasn’t done yet. she had started talking about how it was tuesday, and tomorrow was wednesday, and how we should change the calendar so that wednesday was the first day in the week and tuesday was the last, so that we would have the weekend in the middle of the week.

one of the engineers to our right had had enough i guess, and interrupted the two girls to inform them that if you put the weekend in the middle of the week, it would no longer be a weekend, it would be a weekmiddle.

neither girl understood it, and while he tried to explain for a bit, we all ended up getting off the bus before he had a chance to finish.