So, by now you have probably heard that Nintendo’s next handheld will have two screens and be called the DS (D = Dual/Double S = Screen). Take a look at this mockup posted to Gizmodo. The angled design immediately screams to me “This is better because it is different!”, but just think about the ergnomics. Hold your hands in front of you as if you were trying to hold something a bit smaller than a paperback book, lengthways. You don’t curl your wrists outward and your fingers upward, as you would have to with this design. I can see a large number of young gamers developing carpal tunnel if this design got the green light. (I’m going to refrain from jokes about other causes of carpal tunnel in young male gamers.)

A common question about the Pocket PC Phone that I carry around is “Can it play games?” Well, the answer is yes, but why bother? The overall form factor is wrong, requiring you to interlace your fingers to hold the device with two hands. Additionally, there is a directional pad and four buttons, but the pad only supports the four cardinal directions (not diagonals) and two of the buttons are toward the top of the screen. Basically, I wouldn’t even try playing pong on this thing. Hell, I have nethack install on it and even that is impossible to play.