I’ve been a bad blogger. I apologize. Time for Ultra Happy Delight Bullets!

  • Dream from last night: I cannot remember the bulk of the dream, but it involved a large number of my friends from both Microsoft and UMich at a presentation of some sort. Everyone was sitting in rows of chairs waiting for it to start. I was supposed to drive to this with one of the devs on my team, Matt, but when I got there, he was sitting with Matt Weber. Just before the presentation started, I remember that I borrowed Jeff’s can opener and he needed it back! I was quite concerned since this was a limited edition can opener. Oddly enough, there were shelves and shelves of shoe boxes and skiing equipment to the side of the presentation room. After a frantic search, I finally found the can opener at the bottom of a shoe box. The can opener was a WRX model in Sonic Yellow, which would explain why I was frantic to find it (the Impreza WRX in Sonic Yellow is a very rare sight). That doesn’t explain why I am having crazy dreams.

  • FloorBurn improved to a record of 3-2 after our 6-2 win on Tuesday. I scored twice, so I’m back as leading scorer.

  • Wall of Meat (flag football) is perfect so far at 2-0! We had a come from behind win on Saturday with our new quarterback, but I can definitely see the team improving from here out.

  • I’m getting closer to buying the Camaro. The owner just needs to get it to pass emissions and then I will almost certainly buy it.

  • The NY auto show is tomorrow thus I expect information about the 2005 Subarus to be released tomorrow. Rumor has it that the WRX will go a complete redesign for the ’06 model year, so maybe buying an ’05 would be silly. I don’t want to look dated that fast!