Yesterday was my one year anniversary at Microsoft! Following standard procedure, I brought in a pound of M&Ms. Against standard procedure, I actually brought in a pound of M&Ms in three different flavors (plain, peanut and crispy (which is crispy in the sense of Nestle Crunch bars: crisped rice)). It feels fairly odd that I’ve already been here for a year. I’ve done so much, but it also seems like I could have accomplished more. I shouldn’t really complain, there are others that started around the same time I did that haven’t done much at all.

There are actually a few people that have started recently (one started two years ago and two others started a year ago) that are leaving the company. One is getting married, another is going to school and another is starting a company. It should be publicly known, but Microsoft is reducing their benefits. It just looks like there isn’t enough to keep people around anymore.

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  1. congratumatations on your anniversary of being assimilated into the Borg. haha 🙂 i think you’ve sounded pretty damn busy, staying late all the time and such, i’m sure you’re a big asset. or maybe just a big ass. or both! 😀

    d00d, do they still make peanut butter m&m’s? those were the bomb-diggity.


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