Why can’t a brotha hit up a little Kazaa (lite, of course) for a lil’ free music no mo’? I’m looking for the new Prodigy single (Girls) and there are hundreds of copies, none of which are the real song. Sigh. I really wish my hard drive of 12 GB of MP3s wasn’t wiped as I really need some variety right now.

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  1. i’ve been having the same problems recently. i can’t get an mp3 of linkin park’s “breaking the habit” for the life of me. i even tried a new p2p client… oh well, at least that’s probably a cd worth buying. hell if i’m buying kevin lyttle.


  2. If you are just looking for one song I’ve found it much easier to use google to track down songs.

    “band name” “song title” mp3 -lyrics

    will get you decent results. In fact, the first result for “linkin park” “breaking the habit” mp3 -lyrics gets you song.

  3. That (using teh GOOG) does work, sometimes. I actually found a radio-recorded copy of the song using Soulseek. GOOG + Soulseek + ED2K + Kazaa will usually uncover anything you need.

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