Yahoo! News: “An out-of-control driver slammed his SUV into a pregnant woman outside a lower East Side church yesterday before flipping onto a crowd of mourners at a funeral.” An SUV ran into a PREGNANT WOMAN and then flipped into a FUNERAL? BANSUVS! Of course, this was also an asian driver. Just cause you can pass a 20 question written test and then barely pass a 30 minute driving test does not mean you should be on the road. The Pacific NW is filled with these people, usually the asians driving either Japanese or German cars in white or silver. If I see a female with dark hair driving a white Camry, I get the hell out of the way.

Damn, I sound racist. Oh well, it’s not my fault they all suck at driving.

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  1. i think that article sounds a bit alarmist… the car skidded towards the group on its side and brushed against them. there were no serious injuries, and only one person got their foot pinned against a tire. saying it SLAMMED INTO and FLIPPED ONTO people is factually incorrect.

    and you don’t just SOUND racist. 😉

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