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  1. i kinda like the color actually. so unexpected. but then, i am biased towards any color that’s not part of the standard four-color rainbow that cars come in nowadays. dark red, dark green, dark blue, black. i like seeing colors like this that are just totally different.

    the wood grain sucks on a sporty car though. e couldn’t understand why i would have paid an extra $5k for the 9-3 aero, just because i hated the vector interior so much. wood grain + a car that is not a cadillac = unacceptable.


    p.s. “rattlesnake” called it, it is totally “hot wheels purple”

  2. Yep, those pictures were definitely “Hot Wheels Purple”, agreed. Anyway, the thread was updated with more official pictures and the M6 looks more mature and it is easier to see the styling nuances when you can get past that glaring color. The new wheels and front facia are sex and look at the size of those brakes! It’s a shame that they did the same thing as the new Ferrari 430 and made the wheels too large for the brakes. Come on guys, the brake rotor should completely fill the interior of the rim and PLEASE, not drilled! A road car needs durability, not additional ventilation. Slotted, that’s just fine.

    Also, the wood-grain comment about Cadillacs. Yes, their base models could all come with a wood-grain dash, but you don’t see wood-grain in the CTS-V, do you? http://www.cadillac.com/cadillacjsp/models/gallery.jsp?model=cts

  3. ok, so no wood grain in the v series, but that’s a precedent isn’t it? every other caddy i’ve seen has wood grain. which is (one of the reasons) i’m not interested in caddies. even the escalade has wood-grain, which is weird. i would think the escalade has the same (relatively younger) market as the cts-v. do most people really like wood-grain on electronics? am i the only one?


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