Ok, I need to preface this post with a HUGE WARNING. This post contains graphic content and should not be read by young ‘ins (Definition of “young ‘in” varies from state to state. Contact your local authorities as necessary). This post should not be read by my family or by anyone prudish. Ok, here goes.

Jenn pointed this site out to me a few days ago, saying I would love it because of the way this guy can control everyone and not care at all about what he has done. My kind of man! Basically, he is journaling his exploits with women and occasionally work. He has a way with words, except when he is describing his sexual exploits. It gets old, quickly. Anyway, here are some choice quotes:

“I look around the room, and my pussy detector goes off.”

“The big question is, do I have to tell her about Tiffany? I made the promise TODAY, but I fucked Tiff a couple of days ago. So technically, that screw should be grandfathered in, right?”

“‘I love the way my pussy tastes,’ she says.

That makes one of us.”

“Any doubt I may have had about Holly wanting to fool around is gone. She’s been flirting with me all night, and now she’s basically touching my dick.”