God DAMNIT! Two crappy McHorrible bits:

1) I missed not only the release of the new Hot Snakes record, I missed their Seattle tour date! God damnit. I love their live shows. Damnit god.

2) So, I’m sick. That’s not the bad part. I ran to Qdoba to grab some lunch to eat back in my office. Normally, I eat with Jeff, but I can barely talk today. So, I’m picking up the completely-full 32oz Diet Coke out of the cup holder of my SVT Focus with one hand. The cup just barely fits in the holder so it requires a bit of strong grip and a bit of dexterity. I’m sick, so I got the grip part without the dexterity. I successfully liberated the cup from the holder and then successfully liberated the soda from the cup. I’m assuming about 20 oz spilled all over my seats, floor, cup holder, heated seat button, stickshift and parking brake. Way to go.