So, do you remember how I backed into some construction equipment that was carelessly left behind my driveway? No? Here’s a picture:

I finally decided to look into getting this fixed. Since it is a plastic bumper that was ripped all the way through, I knew it couldn’t be patched and would have to be replaced. Given an estimate of $428.17 for JUST THE BUMPER COVER, I knew the final estimate to have it painted and installed was going to be painful. The final total: $922.08. My response: “F U, good day, sir!”

The breakdown of the price is as follows:

  • Rear bumper cover: $428.17
  • Rear grill: $51.83
  • Paint: $89.70
  • Flex additive: $6
  • 5.8 hours of work @ $46/hr: $266.80
  • Tax: $79.58

I looked around and I found the SVT rear bumper cover and grill for $312.50. If I just have them paint the bumper cover, it looks like I can drop the price to just the paint, flex additive and 3.9 hours of labor for a total of $299.31. Including the price of the bumper cover and grill and this is easily over $600. I may just end up having insurance cover this and paying the damned $500 deductible.