My parents are going to love this one! Brought about by this thread on the Car Lounge, I just had to tell my “top speed” story

The first summer working for Yazaki, I also worked at the Michigan Daily on Sunday nights. That meant I got to drive home from Ann Arbor to Livonia at 12:30 AM on Sunday night / Monday morning. The highway between, M-14, was always completely dead so I routinely drove 85-90 MPH. One night, I picked a stretch of highway where I had never ever seen a cop nor were there any exits for one to hide out behind me on. I just opened up and decided to go as fast as I could. I got up to 112 before I freaked and coasted back to 85. Now that I think about it, I probably should have hit the brakes immediately when I freaked out. If I was going to get pulled over, I was still well over the speed limit as I coasted from 112 to 85, though I’m not sure how much the not-too-bad aerodynamics (.33 Cd) of a ’96 Probe GT played a part.

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  1. You only got the Probe up to 112? Wimp! Remember my red Taurus SHO? I got it up to 120 on the same stretch, going westbound during prime commuting hours. The straight stretches of M-14 make a great auto proving ground!
    P.S. Have a great time in Ireland!

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