I have decided to upgrade my home computer to Media Center Edition, basically since I have the 360 to act as an extender. My current PC only needed a few things (new video card, TV tuner card) and I decided to tack on an extra 300 GB drive. The downside is that I haven’t reinstalled Windows in forever and my current build is well used. I believe I have backed everything up, but I’m still going to have to reinstall and reconfigure:

  • Apache 2
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 4
  • Gallery 2

That is going to be difficult, let alone all the userland applications. I may be able to get away with installing WAMP, but I might have to install everything manually like last time. All of that, just for a photo gallery? I think the gallery2 setup is just too complex for it’s own good. The database points to the picture files on the hard drive, but maybe it’s easier to control all of the other data using a full-fledged database.

Anyway, the point of this post is to warn you that my gallery will be unavailable, and probably for some time.