I highly doubt any of you have seen this commercial, mostly because I doubt any of you would watch programs targetting this specific demographic. Nonetheless, I’m home sick today, working on email with the TV on in the background. Afternoon television is probably the worst, especially when there isn’t even anything worthwhile on ESPN, ESPN2 or Speed. I finally just gave up, and left it on Speed. They started playing IHRA 2005 highlights, and of course one of the segments is sponsored by Hooters.

The commercial starts with a “morning meeting” with the manager telling her staff that they are now selling snow crab legs at $7.99/pound. Later that afternoon, some huge biker-looking guy orders the crab legs and the waitress says “Okay…” and drags out a scale. The manager claims that the snow crabs aren’t selling:

Waitress: “They’re just too expensive!”

Manager: “At $7.99 a pound?!”

Waitress: “Well that guy over there weighs over 200 pounds!”

Ba-dum-ching, end scene. The humorous part of all this? The manager is young, moderately attractive but maybe a B-cup. What, if you don’t have the goods to be a waitress, they make you manager? It’s just so glaring in the comparison to the well-endowed waitstaff all around her.

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  1. it’s simple. cup size is inversely proportional to iq, so if they ever hope to turn a profit they must hire the more subtly-chested to corral these dairy cows. as the commercial demonstrates.

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