The cause of my insane tire wear was pinpointed to be the fact that I was running THREE TIMES the recommended amount of toe-out in the front. “Toe” is the angle of the tires in relation to the direction of travel so my tires were pigeon-toed to an excessive amount. Since I also had a bit of negative camber (the inside edge of the tire is pressed down more than the outside edge), the inside edges of my tires were being eaten alive every mile I drove.

The Focus has a pretty easy toe adjustment bolt so I’m now back in spec. I really should pick up a camber kit if I want to do this properly, but here are my alignment details as of now:

Front Left:
Camber: -0.8
Caster: 2.5
Toe: -0.03

Front Right:
Camber: -0.7
Caster: 2.6
Toe: -0.03

Rear Left:
Camber: -1.0
Toe: 0.01

Rear Right:
Camber: -1.6
Toe: -0.01

With the proper equipment, I’d like to run -2.5 degrees of camber up front, -1.5 in the rear and zero toe in the rear. These values should be fine for now. I took the car out for a spin with the new tires and alignment with my road racing buddy and he was quite impressed, even though it’s a FWD car.