I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m sick of the current flavors I have for protein (dutch chocolate, fruit punch and strawberry) but at the rate I consume protein powder, I will be. Luckily, True Protein offered a sampler pack of some of their premium flavors. Unluckily,

As I work through them, I’ll give updates:

Lemonade: Faithful representation of powdered lemonade, doesn’t taste too well mixed with protein powder.
Orange: Stronger flavor than the Biotest orange I had when doing the Velocity Diet, a bit sweeter and more tangerine than straight-up orange. A contender.
Fruit Punch: Already have this, tastes just like kool-aid fruit punch and mixes surprisingly well with protein.
Strawberry: Already have this, the flavor doesn’t quite overcome the base taste of the protein so seems like watered-down strawberry Nesquik
Chocolate: Already have this, it’s chocolate! Need I say more? Actually, it’s dutch chocolate, so it’s slightly more earthy than your average chocolate powder.
Chocolate Banana:
Strawberry Banana:
Banana Cream:
Strawberry Cream
Orange Cream:

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