Chicken satay? That worked. Chocolate-covered cherries? Also worked. Curried rice pilaf? Fine. Persian kabobs? Not so good! I cannot make a tender beef recipe to save my life. They tasted fine, especially since I marinaded them for 48 hours in yogurt, onion and mint, but they were tough again. Does anyone have tips for tenderizing meat? I know it’s not just the cut of meat I used as I have tendency to do this to every cut of beef. The pieces were grilled to a medium, medium-well state, so I’m sure that hurts it. I bet if I had a grill and a good marinade, I could do it right.

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  1. How did you grill them without a grill? If you don’t have a grill the best option is broiling. Do you have a broiler pan?

    I know you say “every cut of beef” but I just want to make sure you’re picking beef with a high-ish fat content if you’re planning to grill it. This was the exact mistake I used to make… you can’t grill lean beef or it will be tough. Pick a marbled cut, something akin to New York Strip.

    You shouldn’t ever need to tenderize it, especially after marinating so long (wow, that’s a long time… was the flavor still OK?)

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