Kitteh! Snorgle snorgle

Clare and I just found the cutest cat in the whole world and he’s turning out to be quite the lover!

We had been scouring for the last few weeks, toying with the idea of getting a cat. I’m pretty much settled in to the condo, Clare is staying with me every night and we both wanted a pet. She’s more of a dog lover but my little condo just couldn’t support a dog lifestyle. We’ve sent each other tens of links but none of them seemed like “the one”. Finally, Clare sent a link early one morning titled “HHHOOOOOOONNNEEEYYYYYYY!!!” and a wave of realization hit, here was the one!

I had a few criteria in mind when picking out a new cat. These criteria were not of the “must have” variety, but more of the “must not be” variety:

  • Cannot be a kitten. Everyone wants a kitten. Kittens only temporarily end up in shelters; they get snatched up immediately.
  • As a corollary: cannot be fairly young. No one wants an older cat, so the older, the better I would feel about adopting.
  • Cannot be in perfect shape. A healthy, pretty kitty will be adopted over time. There is little chance a healthy, well-behaved cat would have issues being placed in a wonderful home.

The cat that Clare linked to was six years old, had a teratoma removed from his neck and needed a tooth removed. On the other hand, you could tell he was so sweet and once healed up, would be beautiful! He’s a Siamese mix: mostly a domestic short-hair body but with blue-points and the cutest blue cross eyes! We ran through a few name ideas but since he’s mostly a light cream color with blue points, I came up with the name Roquefort, or Ro for short. Here he is: