Android: Almost Love

She’s definitely your girl;  fantastic conversationalist, compatible life goals, always makes you smile even through the worst of times.  Every day though, you can’t help but notice one flaw.   Maybe others can ignore it, but you can do nothing but notice it.  You think back to previous girlfriends, maybe even your high school sweetheart.  She never exhibited this flaw, you just can’t stop thinking about it.

Android is our girl here. The flaw?  Scrolling.  It seems so simple, such a small aspect to the huge world that is a mobile OS.  When your old flame, the iPhone, can scroll with such dramatic fluidity, you cannot help but notice.  I pulled out the fastest available Android device, the myTouch 3G, and the slowest available iPhone, the original, and did a comparison.  Android herk and jerks like a bunch of chronic masturbators predisposed to seizures.   The iPhone scrolls any and all content with immaculate smoothness, as if the content is floating on a frictionless surface.  Once you’ve experienced this smoothness, it’s hard to go back.  All of the jerkiness to the Android scrolling is extremely distracting.

Since over 90% of my phone usage is with the browser, I’m going to stick with my iPhone.  I’d love to have Android’s open market policy, notification system and reasonable number of buttons but I just can’t take her jerkiness.