The Mighty Mouse isn’t

I’m at a different hotel spot than usual at work.  Instead of my normal HP dock and basic-but-effective Microsoft Compact Optical Mouse 500, I have an Apple chiclet keyboard and a Mighty Mouse.  Two clicks into using the thing and I’m already annoyed.   I understand the desire for a solid click _feel_, but does that have to be accompanied with a piercing click _sound_?  I’m a voracious clicker; I’m either designing something at a rate of 30+ clicks a minute or I’m web browsing and often clicking different interface elements.  I’m self-conscious using this mouse; I feel that my coworkers are annoyed by the rifle-bolt-loud clicking that is echoing off my desk at semiautomatic machine gun rates.

Regardless of annoying others, the ergonomics annoy me deeply.  The bar of soap shape fits the palm alright, if you lay your palm flat on a mouse.  No one that needs precise motion does this, though!   I normally grasp a mouse with my thumb and pinkie finger and keep my pointer and middle fingers resting on the left and right buttons.    On most mice, a quick swing of your pointer finger is all it takes to go from the left button to the scroll wheel.  On the Mighty Mouse, the scroll wheel is a little track ball set too far medially.  I need to pull my finger to the right, pull my finger back and pull it so the tip of the finger is activating the scroll ball.

On top of all that, the cord is way too short to use on any non-Mac device and it costs $70.   1/5 stars.   The mouse would have to infect me with SIDS to get a lower score.

One thought on “The Mighty Mouse isn’t”

  1. Silly. Everyone knows Apple mice are just conversation pieces, you’re not supposed to actually *use* them.

    Also, it may seem like it fits your hand OK, but wait until you have to pick it up a bunch of times to move the pointer across the screen. Serious hand fatigue.

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