#tmdp Speculation Heating Up

Looks like my little #tmdp scoop is finally getting some legs:

Based on the public accounts that have used the hashtags #tmdp and #tmd, I’ve discovered potential Pink features:

  • “Tweet wall” (or Tweet fall/Tweetwall/Tweetfall)
  • Homefeed, a potential new homescreen concept
  • Input is using Swype

Granted, since all of these tweets are public, this could be a complete case of misdirection.  Since the original tag of #tmd evolved to #tmdp, I don’t agree with the current speculation that the tag stands for “T-Mobile Danger Phone/Prototype” or “The Microsoft Danger Phone/Prototype”.   Neither of those makes much sense as “TMO Danger” or “The MS Danger”.   I’m thinking it’s a badge of pride like “The MFing Danger!” and now “The MFing Danger/Pink!”.

Regardless, if you’re interested in following the developments, keep watching the #tmdp hashtag and all 41 (so far) accounts at this list:  http://twitter.com/opensob/tmdp