Did anyone want an oversized iPod touch?

Apple positions the new iPad as the middle ground between phones and laptops.   They state that netbooks were supposed to fill that void, but their typical slow speed kills that solution.  How does Apple decide to bridge the gap?   Take the OS from their phone and slap it on a 10 inch screen and price it aggressively.  Once the initial hype wears off, I don’t see Apple selling even 15% as many iPads as iPhones.

How can you not love this thing?  It’s like a huge iPhone with awesome new apps!

Unfortunately, there is a lot missing in comparison to an iPhone.  It’s lost, primarily, the ability to make phone calls!  Also, no camera, no GPS, no compass and the screen DPI drops by 20%.  If you’re carrying around your iPad, you better make sure you have your iPhone as well.

Who cares!  That screen is huge!  It can do all sorts of things!

No, it still doesn’t support multitasking or any sort of notification system.  Yes, there are apps that will support the iPad natively, but how efficient will you be using the iPad apps when you could just carry your laptop instead?   Yes, I think the iPad going to be used in addition to a laptop, not instead.  There are just too many things you cannot do with just an iPad.

It’s only $499!

Sort of.  If you want just 16GB of storage, no 3G and no accessories, that fine.  Anyone that wants to make serious use of the device would easily pony up for the 3G model and the keyboard dock, at a minimum.   The 64GB 3G model and a keyboard dock will be just under that magical $999 price point.  Again, why wouldn’t you buy a laptop?

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  1. A 6″ long iPhone with WiFi only would have been much more useful. That would fit in my pocket and be a lot more readable, type-able, and capture sound and images.

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