The Good, the Bad and the OCD at I ♥ wireframes

My career/passion is mobile wireframing.  What’s wireframing?  Wireframing is the process of creating a wireframe.   Alright, what’s a wireframe, a-hole?  A wireframe is a mockup of the structure and behavior of a product that does not imply final colors or visuals.  Imagine all of your favorite websites reduced down to shades of gray and without any images.   Sounds pretty boring, eh?  Seeing these sites reduced to their core state actually explains a LOT about usability and functionality.  Pretty much any site that has more than 1K users probably start with a wireframe.

I found a new site that shows informative examples of wireframes accurately named “I ♥ wireframes”.  Looking through the latest 25 or so posts, I’m seeing a few trends.  First, some people spend _WAY_ too much time on a drawn wireframe.  If you need to make changes, there is no point in using high fidelity on an uneditable medium.  Lastly, there are always better ideas out there.  I’ve discovered a few annotation ideas I’ll definitely be using for my next major project.

On to the point of this post, displaying what I consider to be good and bad/nutso wireframes.  If it’s listed on “I ♥ wireframes”, there aren’t going to be any poorly-created ones so I’ll just point out the OCD ones.