That can be my next tweet

Once you get past the eye-searing design, this little tweetMangler can be pretty fun. It takes all of your existing tweets and then tries to make new ones based on what you’ve said previously. Some actually sound like English but it’s rare:

Subtle, real subtle. I prefer WhiskyPowerâ„¢. Which one?

Slightly ironic that bike. RAWRR, Danger smash! 50 gallons of Nook app get it a Netflix for multiple.

It’s rough around the term interwiki transclusion? It would have to get me next time.

Where? The Gods feat. Biz Markie by Bad Religion.

Boom! Every day but calls them Mexi-fries”.

Windows Phone, eh?

I love minimalism but PLEASE use a bit too noisy.

We’re sorry—there was a terrible idea. Anyone running CM7 on top of drinking all non-work functions.

I know that’s closing, I’m pretty today.