Friday, April 21st of the year 2000

12:59 AM
Should I redesign? Everyone seems to have the redesigning bug.

Wednesday, April 19th of the year 2000

7:52 PM
Two of my favorite pieces of media pitted in deadly battle : Mr T. vs The Matrix.

Boy needs Cheerios, bad. If I had done this when I was kid, I would have gotten beat.

You didn't hear about this one from me: ISOnews.

2:17 AM
Last day of the semester -- I have not died. I rule!

The Top 15 Rejected Names for Anti-Impotence Drugs

[ The Top 5 List ]
[ Copyright 2000 by Chris White ]

15> Menicillin
14> Schwanzenhance
13> Wood 'n' Plenty
12> Chubbie Delight
11> BoneRite
10> Penochio
9> Presidentia
8> PharmaFluffer
7> Schwingicin-D
6> Wang Shui
5> Limpbegone
4> Erextacy
3> TriEthyl TriMary TriEthylagain
2> Phun-Phun

and's Number 1 Rejected
Name for an Anti-Impotence Drug...

1> I Can't Believe It's Not Rigor Mortis!

The Top 13 X-Rated Names for Anti-Impotence Drugs

13> Engorgia
12> Holyshitaril!
11> Coxgro
10> Shaftlock
9> Slipitinur
8> The Bone-r ("Bone on... bone off...")
7> The Stiffer Pecker Upper
6> Blueveinertin
5> Chlortrioxide Benzoylacetate Tetraseptic Cock Strengthener
4> Grecian Formula 6"
3> Kumincider
2> Pep to Jismol
and the Number 1 Rejected Name for an Anti-Impotence Drug...

1> Gee, Your Dick Looks Terrific!

Tuesday, April 18th of the year 2000

1:56 PM
Ahem, yeah... this site has a good design. The content is sort of interesting as well.

1:49 PM
Having currently lived in the exact same hall of the exact same dorm for two years now, I have had to deal with the exact same crappy showers day in and day out. There are 60+ people for 5 showers. The problem is that only one of these showers is actually good! One is decent, but with an erratic spray, two of them have low water pressure, and one has NO hot water. The complete morons at the university finally decided to fix all of the showers today. I am done with this semester as of tomorrow... why couldn't they have done this two years ago?!

1:23 PM
I love treasure! No, I am not talking about the MSC definition of treasure (rollover link for definition), but finding things in the room. I found a USB scroll mouse -- great responsiveness, strong click, and it completely installed itself in Windows 98 Second Edition.

11:20 AM
Sweet zombie Jesus... An independent group of people (AKA not the government) is developing Mecha. Things look fairly legit from the site, so this might be a reality. Right now, the ideas are out there but nothing has truly been built. They discussed using a "thinking cap" to control the mecha with the mind of the pilot. A "thinking cap" will never be reality (completely impractical), but my rootlink idea is completely viable. I am not about to reveal the juicier details of this technology, but I can give you an overview:
  • The rootlink is a port (connection) at the base of the skull or middle of the neck.
  • After implanting the neural net and accessory wiring, all impulses either coming from or to the brain can be intercepted.
  • A loopback system net can be installed such that all impulses (brain activity, "thoughts") can be intercepted.
  • Signal aplification used in conjunction with signal reception results in a completely passive interface. The user will not be affected.
  • The system will not be used in the reverse. The user can control machinery; Machinery cannot control the user.
Have I scared you enough yet?

Monday, April 17th of the year 2000

6:14 PM
Why is it that I am the last one to find out about Iron Chef? We decided to watch it at the beginning of the party (many people there were in an 'easily amused' state), and I loved what I saw. Japanese culture, Japanese food, a wacked out premise, and competition? That has M. written all over it.

11:40 AM
This weekend was a great source of stories! Most of which are not for the public eye. If you want to hear all about it, email me and you will get The List.

I was a bit worried when the RIAA and ITD told me to shut down my MP3 server. I did not think I could go to jail for MP3 swapping. I doubt that my site would have brought forth such wrath, but I can see the reasoning for people that have 40+ gig MP3 servers. I only have 2.4 gig right now. {grin}.

Last night my roommate finally got to see the Shaft trailer. It was decided that Sam the Man may be slicker than Shaft. Also, we are going to see Sam kick some rear Jedi Style. Lastly, we are almost positive we saw Busta Rhymes in the trailer! Such funk I cannot handle in one movie...

Saturday, April 15th of the year 2000

7:11 PM
No updates for at least 24 hours. If you are in the SE Michigan area, you had best be at my party tonight. If you need directions, email me.

1:56 PM
My internal clock is forever skewed. I don't know what day it is, I don't know what time it is, plus the fact that my computer was off by 36 hours didn't help either.

I think the RIAA is partially at fault for my errors. They sent an email to ITD here at UMich demanding that I shut down my MP3 server. Luckily enough, I had already shut it down last week when I switched computers. Is the record industry's only goal in life to shut down Napster and ban MP3 sharing? Now, Metallia is suing Napster. They are also suing 20 of their biggest fans.

Friday, April 14th of the year 2000

4:30 PM
Note to self: Do not try to do anything when overtired. You will screw up basic things like dates and names.

Two classes are gone from my life for ever: Physics 241 (Electricity and Magnetism lab) and Chem 260 (Phyiscal Chemistry). The tests did not go as stellarly as planned, but none of it matters anymore! MWAHAHAHA... Oh, wait, my GPA still sort of matters. Damn.

12:02 AM
A blind person stopped me today on the street asking for directions to a nearby building. I was in no rush, so I walked her there. Did I walk her there because it was the 'right' thing to do, or did I walk her there simply because I couldn't think of how to give her verbal directions? When someone gives you directions, you go by landmarks, road names, etc etc. She knew her way around simply by light patterns and number of footsteps. I will just think that I did the right thing.

This is my last day working for The Michigan Daily for this semester. They are in the process of putting together the final paper, all the while chugging back beer. I love this place.

Thursday, April 13th of the year 2000

1:02 AM
What the heck? It's 1 AM and Talk Soup isn't on the TV?

Being a slacker is the worst fate available to man. I desire to get work done. I know that I have to get this work done. The deadlines for this work loom. I have two finals in the next two days, then a weekend I won't even remember, then three finals over the last three days. But noooo, I had to 'study' with Rob, Joe, and Alyssa at the Unionzilla. Then I just had to go see Kelli and give (and get!) a massage. It was funny though... a few of her friends came into the room while she was...

Following paragraph now censored

Today I got to discuss cybernetics with two different groups of people. Just the other day, Johns Hopkins researchers released information about how electricity assists in the healing process of nerves. At this point, I think I need a better neural net. With this improvement, maybe I could fix that darned search engine once and for all! I have found a couple possibilities : Namazu and Alkaline. How can one possibly trust a program named catfish (read: Namazu means catfish in Japanese)? Also, Alkaline is made by the Swedish. The Sweeedish!