Saturday, March 4th of the year 2000

2:34 PM
Are the writers of The Onion from Michigan? Here is another story originating from our great Mitten State. My home town, Livonia, was mentioned earlier. Have The Onion originate from Michigan would be almost as cool as the fact that Slashdot has it's home here.

2:32 PM
Hey Katherine, Owosso is mentioned in The Onion. I bet this means nothing to most people, but I still find it funny. Look near the bottom of News In Brief.

2:12 PM
Happiness, humor, and embarrassment today.

Happy note: It is rumored, mostly by himself, that Howard Stern is leaving radio. I loath talk radio, unless it is funny. Howard Stern is not funny. (Oh, about that Drew and Mike link buried in funny: I hate flash pages like that. Takes time, bandwidth, and doesn't add anything to the site.)

Humorous note: I find it hilarious that most weblogs are floundering without their precious Blogger. Hey, remember how to upload things? Maybe they are just using this as an excuse to be lazy.

Embarrassing note: While at the University's best recreational facility, the CCRB, I did something Very Stupid. I was lifting, and I noticed an amazingly attractive girl checking me out. I wasn't so stupid as to lift too much weight, I just did too many reps. I ended up pulling a muscle in my upper back, and was much too embarrassed to approach her. Sigh.

1:32 AM
I love Talk Soup! Any show that has a joke including "Get your learn on at The Learning Shack" has to be great!

12:42 AM
"I decided I didn't like editing in Notepad." "I decided I didn't like editing in Notepad." How can you not like editing in Notepad, Rob? Actually, I was a Front Page baby until about 3 months ago. Now that I actually know HTML, making pages is so much easier.

Keep this one on the hush-hush. You all know about the normal search engine Altavista, right? Well, Astalavista is much more useful. You can find many program cracks, serial numbers, or full programs through this search engine. I have already used it to kill that annoying CuteFTP popup. My software is pretty simple when it comes to web pages... Notepad for coding, CuteFTP for uploading. On the graphical end, things get a bit more complex: Photoshop 5.5, ImageReady 2.0, and Flash 4.0. These are rarely used now, but still in my bag of tricks.

Friday, March 3nd of the year 2000

3:42 PM
Less directly violent, and more political, Bananarchy must be the wave of the future.

Thursday, March 2nd of the year 2000

5:58 PM
Do you like it when things get blown up? I think we all do, it is a base humor in our nature. Well, lawn mowers also need to be blown up.

4:55 PM
Bad Religion, one of the greatest punk bands of all time, has also been a strong favorite of mine. Recently, they have gotten soft and their newest albums (starting with Recipe for Hate, then Stranger than Fiction, then The Grey Race, and lastly No Substance) have been weak. They just finished recording their 12th full album, originally called The Last Word. Fans freaked, thinking this was the swan song for BR, a literal 'last word'. Because of this, the new album is titled The New America.

With a new album comes new problems. For reasons unknown to anyone, they have decided to tour with Blink182. Blink182 is an okay band, that is not the problem. The problem is: Blink182 is the headlining act. That is offensive to punk fans like myself. I can enjoy Blink, so of course I will go to the show.

4:07 PM

Click the image to see the filth in which I live and work.

3:39 PM
Hmm... some of you don't get the moloko reference. I think all of you bezoomy devotchkas and malchicks need to see A Clockwork Orange if that last image doesn't make you laugh. There are very few good A Clockwork Orange sites out there. To wet your whistle, try here.

2:07 PM
12:32 PM
I am definitely new to the weblogging circuit. This is the 2nd major version of this weblog, and the first version went through 5 or so minor revisions. During this time, I have been introduced to many other weblogs. My favorite has to be Camworld because the links are always interesting, the commentary is short, and the site design is clean. There are many weblogs out there that may be high in content, but the design ruins it for me. Of the ones that survive that criteria, I have segregated them into Class A and Class B. Class A has everything I like in a weblog, Class B sites just don't make it.

For those of you versed in weblogs, you know that some of the kings are Evhead and Megnut, and others. I think these weblogs are substandard. For their sake, I will assume their content and designs were better back in the day. Maybe I do not understand their mystique.

3:32 AM
Could it be? The new web design is finally finished! This site seems much more professional than the last one, which was my ultimate goal. The design is finished, but the coding will go on. I will convert most of the site to CSS for styling, but this will be after I figure out the idiosyncracies of Netscape and CSS.