Sunday, March 12th of the year 2000

11:11 PM
Alright, someone picked up my shift at work. I get to see Millencolin and the rest of the Punk-O-Rama bands on April 5th, if I get tickets. On top of that, I am happy because more connections are being made. Scott of The Other Side has graciously linked this weblog.

1:15 PM
Punk, punk, punk. I have too many albums and shows to deal with, and I love it! The new Pennybridge Pioneers album from Millencolin is getting great reviews. I have fallen in love with the band Pulley, even to the point where I play them more than Millencolin. Hopefully I will be able to go the Punk-O-Rama tour in early April, but it will require a ride and someone to cover my shift at work. It shall be done.

1:08 PM
300 MPH. Not bad! A new design of train is going to use two very scientific principals to attain high velocities :
1) The air cushion observed with air hockey
2) The scooting that a dropped piece of paper does just before it hits the ground.

12:56 PM
Ghost Dog is a bad movie. Some of you may remember me ridiculing the idea for this movie: A modern gang-style assassin follows Eastern philosophy as he performs hit after hit. Ghost Dog follows the Hagakure, the way of the Samurai. I have read and studied this amazing piece of literature, and to include it in this setting is practically sacrilege. At least the early reviews for this movie are putting it in its place.

Saturday, March 11th of the year 2000

10:33 PM
More virus info: I have never, and probably never will run virus software. I can tell if someone is hacking into my system, and I do not leave myself open for other virus attacks. On top of that, virus software slows your system down a lot. For the person like myself, McAfee has a great online service. While the registered version is $29.95, they allow you to run their online virus scanner for free for 14 days. They did not find any viruses on my system, but that is simply because I do not let viruses in. Oh, and I run Windows 2000 and there is only one known virus for W2K so far...

12:34 AM
Some people are just so stupid. A random person IMed me and eventually asked me about hacking. To me it seemed like she ran Back Orifice.

Phoenix26x (12:24:04 PM): go to a virus protection site. i think will work
Phoenix26x (12:24:07 PM): and look up back orifice.
Phoenix26x (12:24:12 PM): it should tell you how to get rid of it.
CheyenneSno (12:24:18 PM): ok hang on a minute.
CheyenneSno (12:24:46 PM): ok where do i go after i am in the website?
CheyenneSno (12:24:58 PM): do i go to PC checkup?
Phoenix26x (12:25:05 PM): I have no idea. That was just a suggestion.
CheyenneSno (12:25:10 PM): or anti virus....
Phoenix26x (12:25:10 PM): You could use a search engine.
CheyenneSno (12:25:17 PM): ok hang on
CheyenneSno (12:25:22 PM): a search engine?
Phoenix26x (12:25:28 PM): like
CheyenneSno (12:25:37 PM): I dont know a whole lot about personal computers
CheyenneSno (12:25:43 PM): what is that?
Phoenix26x (12:25:52 PM): Just go there.
Phoenix26x (12:25:59 PM): You can use that to search the internet.
CheyenneSno (12:26:03 PM): k hang on
CheyenneSno (12:26:35 PM): k I am there, now where?
Phoenix26x (12:27:10 PM): I think you need to take some basic PC and internet classes. :-)
CheyenneSno (12:27:18 PM): ha ha ha
CheyenneSno (12:27:22 PM): you are so funny
Phoenix26x (12:27:26 PM): just look at the site.
Phoenix26x (12:27:31 PM): it should become intuitive
CheyenneSno (12:27:53 PM): I work on the internet all day at work, but I don't have to worry about any of this, because the company takes care of all of it!

How could someone that works with the internet all day at work have no idea what Excite is, or not even know what a search engine is!? Her company 'takes care of all of it'?

10:40 AM
The Microsoft X-Box is a new gaming platform that was announced recently. The graphics power of the Playstation 2 has been marvelled at since the first specs were released 6 months ago, but it seems Microsoft is taking gaming to a new level. What really confuses me is that the X-Box is going to be using a version of the Windows 2000 kernel. Why would you use something so complex for something as specific as gaming? I guess if you have an 8 gig hard drive, you can put up with extra fluff. On top of that, Chipzilla (Intel) has taken the processor rights from AMD simply by underbidding to below cost. Now we have to see an Intel Inside logo on each X-Box.

Friday, March 10th of the year 2000

7:45 PM
A very interesting article about the structure of Mars. It seems like the planet was definately covered with water at some point, and generated channels and valleys across the surface.

Today has been a bit busy, eventhough I didn't really do anything. I was a good kid-- I did all the laundry and I cleaned. Well, I cleaned my 2/5ths of the room and did my own laundry. On top of that, I have started to decide what to do with my life in the future. So far, I might end up in Evanston, Il. for the summer; My major is morphing from Cellular/Molecular Biology to Biology (I would rather have a broad education) and I will definately have a Computer Science minor; lastly, I will be going to Japan for my senior year spring break.

More veggies, less meat. Read the first sentence of this CNN article about how the USDA is allowing more veggie burgers instead of hamburgers. "The U.S. Agriculture Department Thursday said it will let school cafeterias substitute more veggie burgers for hamburgers as a source of protein in kids' diets, winning plaudits from some nutritionists but criticism from beef producers." Of course the beef producers are going to be upset! They are upset that the cafeteria caters to more than just beefivores.

11:12 AM
One of the little pleasures in life: Stirring a teaspoon of honey into your ceylon tea, then licking the spoon. Only the suppa-concentrated, time to get your sugar on, type of honey can cling to that spoon after being swirled in the hot liquid. It's hyper-tastic.

Thursday, March 9th of the year 2000

3:35 PM
I pride myself on being a nice person, to the people who deserve it. I like the guys at work, so I thought I would do them a favor. To reduce a long story by 98%, lets just say that they want to borrow my main network card. The one in my system. The one I am connected with now. The one I have used flawlessly for almost 2 years. I have others, of course, but they are brand new. Oh well, needless to say, I might not be connecting with my computer for a while....

Since I have been logging my life lately and not weblogging, here you go: 50% of internet users shop online, yet 28% of these transactions fail. I have been shopping online for a few years now without problems, lucky me!

11:15 AM
Best Title of a Punk Song: Jean Claude Trans AM. This song, by Fenix TX, seems to have nothing to do with Jean Claude Van Damme nor cars, and it sucks. Fenix TX is the other band playing with Blink 182 and Bad Religion this summer. Tickets for the show in my area go on sale tomorrow and I cannot decide if it will be worth it.

My heel continues to piss me off. It is not comfortable to put all of my weight onto a stab wound, and now my sock and shoe is saturated with blood. Grr.

12:29 AM
Busy day again. My room is so cluttered with books, computer parts, and junk! I took a wrong step and ended up slamming my heel into my clipboard. What actually made that a problem is that my clipboard has a 3/4 x 1/4 inch of metal sticking out of the top. There are splats of blood all over my once-white carpet. That will partially simulate the pain of the upcoming day : busy from 7 AM until 12 Midnight! Toss in an exam, a work meeting, and work until midnight and you can see why I will be grumpy when Friday rolls around.

Wednesday, March 8th of the year 2000

9:47 AM
Aw, how cute. A little red bird just landed on my windowsill and proceeded to sing to me. I don't think my roommate, who was still sleeping, enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 7th of the year 2000

12:06 AM
What a weird night... I go over to see a beautiful duo of females and drop off a couple presents, yet I end up giving four different girls backrubs. To make matters more weird, one of the girls I have never met before knows a bunch of people I used to hang out with, and then one of those same people comes over. My mind is fried.

Monday, March 6th of the year 2000

1:07 PM
Yoinked from the Top Five mailing list:

The Top 15 Courses Offered at Bob Jones University

  • 15> Theology 101: Fundamentals of Fundamentalism
  • 14> Crafts 114: Peckerwoodshop
  • 13> History 411: Let's Get One Thing Straight -- Jesus *Was* Really a White Guy
  • 12> Culinary Arts 316: Brown Sugar, How Come You Taste So Good?
  • 11> American History 311: Jesus Hates Injuns, Too
  • 10> Sociology 112: Diversity Training Seminar (limited to whites only)
  • 9> Dermatology 113: Protecting Your Red Neck From Sun Damage
  • 8> Sociology 304: Evolution, The South's Defeat, and Other Urban Legends
  • 7> Women's Studies 311: Barefoot and Pregnant? Or Vice-Versa?
  • 6> Theology 106: Why God Hates Everyone But Us
  • 5> Biology 203: "Bleach" Genetics -- Using Inbreeding to Get Your Whites Their Whitest
  • 4> Literature 101: Fundamentals of Book-Learnin'
  • 3> Health 104: Masturbating to Mariah Carey -- Guilt or No Guilt?
  • 2> Sociology 311: Jews You Can Use -- Einstein and The Great Hebrew Scientists
  • 1> Physics 218: Light -- It's Straight and White
9:47 AM
Spring break ends, my freedom ends. Back to a horrible life filled with work, no time for fun. The updates will be much less frequent, since I actually have to work at work now!

Sunday, March 5th of the year 2000

1:47 PM
How humorous... on Saturday, I was sitting in my cave contemplating my existence when I noticed something peculiar. I had an enough spare computer parts sitting around to make a whole new computer! It wasn't state of the art, but it was nothing horrible: K6 233, 32 megs of PC100 ram, 2.5 gig hard drive, 40x CD-ROM, 16 meg Voodoo Banshee video card, 3d PCI sound card, and a 10/100 network card all stored in a server case with a 300W power supply. Some of this was parts from my old computer, some I had just accquired over time. It wouldn't boot when I tried it, but I just now realized I didn't set the core voltage correctly. Maybe I will have two computers soon!

9:47 AM
::Sniff::, I feel loved. has linked to our adored Chaos Terminal. Us fledgling weblogs must stick together! Mesmerizor can still be considered a fledgling weblog, but moving the page around makes it difficult to establish a presence. What are you thinking, Rob?