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Friday, May 19th of the year 2000

8:35 AM
Spring Cleaning! I find it humorous that most of the weblogs in Class B dropped off completely. Shriek.net and Mesmerizor stopped blogging, the others just decided to suck. Ooine got downgraded mostly because the content is slowing down and secondly because the site is 'as reliable as a crack addict'. Linkwatcher was downgraded simply because it is all outside content. Fark and Aisle 9 have been added.

7:51 AM
The LOVELETTER virus is quite a piece of art. I have observed the code, and the malicious destruction is beautiful. A variant exists now which is coming close to virus perfection. Using the LOVELETTER virus as the basis, it kicks the destruction up a notch. Instead of just .jpg and .mp3 files being affected, any file not currently in use is destroyed. It is still propigated through email, but uses a random filename from the Start Menu as the email subject. Each time the computer is rebooted, the code is executed again -- a new random filename is chosen and the email is sent again. ZDNet has an article covering the basics.

Instant Messaging is much more popular than I expected. If it wasn't for AOL trying to keep their services isolated, IM could be the next big business tool. I know I am using it in my business environment. For business? No.

Thursday, May 18th of the year 2000

1:57 PM
Alright people, last warning -- STOP being confusing. A boy I know freaked out about a month ago, stopped talking to me, replied to my last email with "i dont care i dont care", then blocked me online. Today, he has me unblocked. Why? I will never know.

Speaking of going online, CNet has an interesting article about Netscape, AOL, and instant messaging clients.

Wednesday, May 17th of the year 2000

2:19 PM
Women are a confusing bunch. I send a scathing email to one, stating all of my pent up feelings from the past 6 months -- and I get a happy, cheery reply. Another, I make tentative plans with, things were going fine -- she makes other plans. All of my friends are women and they are all disturbing me in one form or another. I need to go out with some guys, ogle women, and watch some sports.

Monday, May 15th of the year 2000

3:24 PM
Um, don't go see Battlefield Earth.

1:13 PM
The internet is almost out of available URLs.

11:04 AM
Consumed before 11 AM today: 4 cups of coffee and one 20oz Mountain Dew. That must be the reason I have gone to the bathroom 6 times so far. Must get more sleep... Scratch that. Must get IV of caffeine...

Sunday, May 14th of the year 2000