The AMD Duron processor (see here) got a great writeup at Ars Technica. I just wish I had enough money to keep up with computer technology. I just finished building my latest computer 3 months ago and I am more than ready to upgrade. Everything I have is at least one step away from top of the line.

I have been drinking tea for many many years now. During the previous school year, that was about all that I drank (1 pot per day). It seem that the health benefits are much greater than anyone expected. If only I could get the coffee machine to produce hot enough water here at work… I would be a much healthier man.

Holy stupidity! I really should learn HTML… I was completely astounded to find out that you can define table cell widths by percentage! Once Netscape 6 gets officially released, I think I will get back into web design. Being a sysadmin is fun and all, but coding has its merits. Learning Java and C++ next semester will only amplify these feelings.

Do you have an extra $3,500 you want to get rid of, and you also want to build the best gaming machine around? Check out the newest High-End Gaming PC over at Sharky.

It seems that a new system bus is being developed by IBM to replace PCI: InfiniBand. I loath names like that.. give me acronyms (Peripheral Component Interface).

Before I get into the daily dump of tech news, I will start with some science: CNN reports that Princeton scientists have found a gene that controls intelligence and have genetically created intelligent mice. Of course, no one can speculate what effect genetic manipulation will have on the similar human gene.

Why is it that I always forget about The Register? It has to be one of the greatest tech news sites out there. Just so I don’t forget again, I have added a link on the right.