Bwahaha, I “upgraded” my computer from a GeForce3 Ti 200 to a GeForce 6600 and decided to run 3DMark 2006 just for fun. A whopping 446 isn’t all that fun and is by FAR the lowest score for anyone running the GF 6600. I think most people have upgraded from a 1.3 GHz processor by now.

Transparent monitors, some of the examples are fairly well done. It’s a shame that I have blank walls behind my LCDs at work and home.

The worlds most beautiful car will be released this year. This is not opinion, this is certifiable fact, as defined by this sketch that Aston Martin has released of their upcoming DBS model:

AM should just register (which is available) and put that sketch on it, just to solidify that fact.

I am not going to link to the video in question because it is a bit graphic, but a stabilized version of the Zapruder Kennedy assassination film is available. We’ve all seen the original version, probably many times. It’s so jerky that it’s pretty hard to tell exactly what happens when Kennedy is shot multiple times. In this stabilized version, you can tell he was hit early on in the clip as Jackie is extremely concerned and trying to figure out what happened. She is leaning in, seemingly trying to take off his jacket to get to his chest/back wound. Just as she gets in real close, a bullet zips in and absolutely explodes his face. It is simply shocking to see it stabilized and is so much more grotesque.

Gmail has a fairly innocuous feature called “web clips”. Basically, it will show you a headline, quote or definition near the top of your mailbox. I usually ignore them, but they occasionally make for good reading. Today, I was presented with “Rotten Tomatoes: Movies – 96% King Kong”. Unfamiliar with how Rotten Tomatoes rates their movies and fully expecting a monster movie to suck, I thought that a rating of 96% meant 96% rotten meaning that movie was abysmal. On the contrary, this is one of the highest ratings they have ever given! Just check out some of the review quotes on the site; I may want to see this.

That last post was my 1000th in Blogger. Holy hell. Anyway, I haven’t written about Spain yet and I just keep forgetting to make time. Here’s a quick blurb I wrote for someone else; it might hold you over:

Overall, Spain was great: the weather was very cooperative (no rain, but I can’t really say that highs in the 50s are anything more than just “cooperative”), the wine was cheap and plentiful, getting around was quite easy (taxis everywhere, good bus and train networks) and the sites were fabulous. The highlight and dark horse of the trip was the Mezquita, a Moorish mosque that was eventually converted into a Christian church. It wasn’t highly regarded in the tour books but the history and architecture were quite impressive.

The Spain vacation wasn’t without problems though. The Southern half is fairly sexist which caused problems since the girlfriend is the better Spanish speaker. We were also treated poorly at our Seville hotel since we booked with Expedia; I’ve heard this being an issue so I think I will book my European hotels directly from now on. We also received some poor service due to being American at a few places. These small issues didn’t really harm the trip, but still something to note.

Let’s see, what has been taking up my time lately? First it was Spain, the pictures are here. Next, my well-pre-ordered XBox 360 arrived earlier this week. I’ve only played one real game, Project Gotham Racing 3, and two Live Arcade games, Geometry Wars and Hexic. Want to play? Gametag: opensob. Want to XBL stalk me? Sign in to

I decided my car is quickly decending into mild rice. The car came a bit ricey from stock (the futuristic 17″ wheels, the huge rear bumper, the spoiler) and then the previous owner decided to add some more. The rear hatch normally comes with an emblem that says SVT Focus and there is a Ford oval. The owner decided to shave off the “Focus” part of “SVT Focus” and then covered up the blue Ford oval with a matching red “SVT” oval. The front grill has a similar “SVT” red oval.

If the uninitiated looked at my car and tried to figure what make and model it was, they would come up with… SVT SVT. I’m not kidding, as this is exactly what was written up when I got a “parking ticket” at Microsoft. Color: Red. Make: SVT. Model: SVT. License Plate: OPENSOB. I personally think the combination of the new “Pirahna” logo I added has tipped me into the “rice” category. I’m going to leave the Pirahna, since it’s new and barely noticeable, but I just removed the red SVT ovals from the front and back. Here’s a picture of what I just removed:

I’m thinking about buying a new “SVT Focus” emblem and returning to almost stock.

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