Haha, it looks like one of my ex-girlfriends is getting married to the guy she dumped me for…. on my 25th birthday! I don’t have all of the details, but it will be somewhere around August 4th, 2005. I just hope that was done on purpose.

Okay, okay, I know that the Boxster is just the poor man’s Carrera, but the new Boxster looks pretty nice… and there is a coupe version coming! The Boxster didn’t even register on my radar until I saw this picture:

To me, that is just pure sex. The rear looks better than a Carrera! Here is a gallery of all the spy shots and concept pictures.

I am still amazed whenever I use my Bluetooth on my phone to connect my laptop to the internet. Well done, Windows Mobile, the Bluetooth consortium and the Windows XP SP2 team!

It looks like Ford’s WRC ’05 season is completely shot now:

Peugeot Signs Markko Martin

Written by: RACER staff London, UK – 9/9/2004

Markko Martin has signed to drive for Peugeot in next year’s World Rally Championship, Autosport reports. While no official announcement has been made by the French team or Martin, it is believed that a deal has been agreed that will give the current leader of the Ford works rally team joint No. 1 status with Peugeot’s current team leader, Marcus Gronholm.

Ford was widely expected to lose its top driver due to an expected cut in its WRC budget, if not outright closure of the team, for 2005. Martin had also been in discussions with the works teams of Citroen and Subaru.

This, tied with the fact that Ford did not renew Duval’s contract, probably means there will be no Ford WRC next season! Sigh.

Just because I went through all of the calculations and I don’t want to lose this, here are the theoretical top speeds for the ’04 SVT Focus (with the stock 6 speed with dual final drives and 215/45-17 tires).

Gear Top Speed (MPH)
1st 41.25
2nd 68.60
3rd 94.54
4th 114.93
5th 137.72
6th 169.60

I’m such a dork; I just applied for and received the license plate OPENSOB.

Flame Warriors: The illustrations are cute but the real draw here is a fairly accurate list of the various people you will find on an internet forum. I’d draw parallels to various boards I read but no one here would get it.