Ok, really weird dream. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Set in a time where USA and the Soviet Union are at a full-on war.

  • The first part of the dream sees me running across an American battlefield, trying to avoid bullets, mines, bombs, missiles and just about every other type of munition.

  • I saw a very large passenger jet, presumably American, get hit by a missle and then crash into the sea. This jet was filled with Olympic athletes.

  • At this point, the dream becomes more of a movie and I am delegated to observer status.

  • A rag-tag group of Americans decide that the only way to stop the Soviet Union is to infiltrate their country and kill their leader. The group of Americans consist of a female Olympic judge, a 12-year-old girl and an older guy that looks like James Earl Jones.

  • This group has to train to be able to infiltrate the country. Instead of learning military techniques, they learn how to train water snakes.

  • I don’t remember how, but all of a sudden the entire group is in the heart of the Soviet Union. The unnamed leader is hiding out in a rural town in a boarding house.

  • The little girl sneaks upstairs, undetected, to find the leader sleeping amongst 15 other people from the town. The girl places a rag of some sort of chemical over the leaders mouth, knocking him out. Instead of just killing him, the girl saws off his head with a dull machete and puts it into a burlap bag. No one has yet noticed anything has happened. She sneaks downstairs and runs outside.

  • Just as she joins the rest of her group hiding behind a bush outside, there is a sound much like the sharpening of a machete. From an open window upstairs, the now-dead body of the leader with a ghostly head starts to appear in the window. At first, it’s safe to assume he is about to brandish a machete when instead he pulls out a .50 cal machine gun (the type that is normally truck mounted). Before he can fire, the James Earl Jones character grabs a gun from the ground and sprays the leader with bullets.

  • The end.

Quick post again.

I went to a RallyCross on Sunday (pictures).  It was fairly interesting, but I’m not subjecting my only car to that treatment.  Today I got my new Microsoft Prime card (discount card for restaurants, hotels, etc).  The old design was fairly metrosexual (polka dots and all) but the new one takes the cake!

Just in case I decide to care about this crap later, my car is #761 out of 1978 built and was built on 07Jan2004.

I’ve removed the links to my Gallery as I haven’t had time to repopulate it since it was destroyed. I have added a new album though!

SVT Focus 07.11.2004

Jeff complained that I used a Microsoft building as my background and not Mt. Rainier. I knew that this parking garage would be in full sunlight and completely open. I can take pictures just about wherever I want and he’s a negative fuck anyway!

Now that I have the SVT Focus, I’ve put the Camaro up for sale. I have so far only posted it in the Microsoft classifieds but anyone in the Puget Sound area can take a look at these. I put the car up two weeks ago and I got a phone call last Wednesday:

Her: I’m calling about the Camaro.

Me: Ok, it’s still available.

Her: Can I come see it?

Me: Sure, when works for you.

Her: How about this weekend?

Me: Ok, when?

Her: Oh, I don’t know, lunchtime?

At this point, I got a little bit frustrated. I dont want to hear “lunchtime”, I want a specific time and date. Anyway, I finally got her to decide on Saturday at noon. She calls me Friday morning (a call I missed since I was in the parking garage) and says that she can’t do it on Saturday and that Sunday at 5 PM would work better. Ok, that is fine. I get a voicemail Sunday at roughly 4 PM to say she can’t make it at 5 PM and would Monday work. I call her back, no answer, so I left a voicemail saying that Monday would be fine if she would please tell me a specific time. She emails me this morning to say that either 6 or 7 PM would work. I told her to give me a specific time and if she was going to change that time to tell me by 2 PM. She writes back, saying 7 PM would be fine. Here we are, 5:30 PM and she calls:

Her: Hi Mike, I just wanted to see if we could meet earlier.

Me: Well, we decided on 7 PM.

Her: I know, but I was wondering if we could meet at 6 or 6:30 PM.

Me: I already said that I would need to know by 2 PM if you were going to change the time.

Her: I know, I was just wondering if you could get off work early.

Me: No, but 7 PM works for me.

Her: Ok.

Me: (Cutting her off) Bye. ::CLICK::

Holy cow. I bet you $100 that she is going to show up 15 minutes late and then not know how to drive a manual transmission. Just wait.

UPDATE: She can’t drive a manual! But, this is a car for her (I think) younger brother so I will give her a little slack.

Haha, I love this. Posting to blogger on my laptop that is connected to my Smartphone through Bluetooth while the Smartphone has internet access through GPRS. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Remeber how I said I almost bought an Evo? Looks like it was a good cal! All the bad news about Mitsu has caused their sales to plummet almost FIFTY PERCENT this month and 27% for the year. Yikes. Adios, muchachos.

Ok, now that I have a semi-respectible car, I’m thinking about taking it autocrossing. Let me explain in case you have never heard of autocrossing. Basically, a tight and twisty course is constructed of cones in a large parking lot. You rarely go over 60 MPH so this is not a high speed sport. It focuses on cornering and smooth driving. I’m definitely not good enough with the manual to consider doing it this year but I plan on checking out a few events so that I know what to expect next summer. Anyway, check out some of these course maps and you’ll get a better idea.

I had a possible roommate check out the apartment last night. I cannot ascertain for certain, but I think we might be a good match. I really hope so, simply because I’ve had no other leads!