cure me

what is the cause of my condition?

This madness

shoots me

like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie.

My brain is triggered to wake up if I hear a diesel engine idling outside of my window. Why? Well, back in senior year, I was sharing a parking permit with a roommate. I was almost towed twice for parking in my apartment lot without the permit but I heard the idling tow truck and woke up! Anyway, there was a truck idling outside of my apartment this morning around 7 AM and thus I woke up.

I really shouldn’t be posting right now as I should be working on the SEVEN specifications I have to write in the next few weeks. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to make the internet sign an NDA and I just don’t have time for the paperwork this week.

Anyway, during the daily Jeff-and-Mike lunch extravaganza, something a bit humorous happened. Jeff and I have a pretty set list of restaurants we go to (Quizno’s, Qdoba, Chipotle, Ribeye, Nasai Teriyaki, Red Robin, Matt’s Famous, Arby’s, Taj Palace, Yen Ching, etc) and some of the places have started to remember us. Today at one of the usuals, my order number was 29. The cashier said “29, close to 30… are you over 30?”. I had remembered from a previous conversation that she said she had been out of school for 10 years and just got her degree last year so I assumed she was about 30 though she looked not a day over 21. My response was “No, a bit lower”, giving her a thumbs down motion.




“Nope, lower.”

At this point, she just looked at me, scared to give another incorrect answer. I held up two fingers, said “23” and transitioned to three fingers. She was quite flabergasted and made some commented about how I looked so much older while she looked so much younger saying that people don’t think of her as a day older than 20, 19 even!

Funny stuff.

All I have to say is dinga ding dang my dangalong linglong.

Karamazov: “He also discusses his belief that men only practice love for their fellow man out of a belief in God and the immortality of their soul. If they did not believe, Ivan says, than there would exist no incentive or reason for them to practice love and kindness. If they do not believe, then the only motive for action would logically be self-interest. “

Is that a truism? Do you believe that, in a mentality lacking love and kindness, the only logical conclusion would be that all actions would be driven by self-interest? The implication here is that self-interest is inherently a negative characteristic. Is it not possible that, while looking out for yourself, you can also look out for others? The man that helps and cares for others may draw greater fortune to himself. By looking out for others, you are in a way looking out for yourself?

Honestly, there is very little that I do that does not benefit myself in some way. I doubt there have been more than two cases in the past five years where I have done something that I did not think would ultimately benefit myself. If I make a sacrifice at work to help someone out, I believe that this action will be remembered and either they would help me out or I would gain better standing in their mind. If I was to perform community service, it would partially be because I could talk about it later and have others think highly of me. I’m selfish, but sometimes it benefits others.

Wow, some guys just have it rough. For whatever reason, 107.7 The End in Seattle took Andy Savage off their morning show. I could probably look it up, but I really don’t have the patience right now. For a couple months after that, they would play hour-long themed blocks of music: 80s punk, new wave, grunge, etc. Finally, they brought in Marconi and Tiny for the morning program. About a month after that, The End changed formats and dropped them. Sucks!

At the time, they were on two radio stations, The End and a station in “Porkland” (their infantile name for Portland). Well, looks like they got booted from Portland as well for joking about the Berg beheading. D’oh!

Now that Russell is moving out, there are a few things in the kitchen that I need to replace:

  • Coffee pot

  • Coffee grinder

  • Blender

  • Knives

  • Glasses

  • Toaster

  • Tea kettle

  • Sugar jar

  • Foreman Grill

Angry Cell Phone Customer Trashes Verizon Store

POSTED: 11:43 a.m. EDT May 14, 2004

FARGO, N.D. — A man who said he was fed up with his cellular phone service went to a Fargo mall and started hurling phones across a store, striking an employee and causing more than $2,000 in damage, authorities said.

Jason Perala, 22, of Fargo, told The Forum newspaper that he planned only to yell at employees at Verizon Wireless.

“Then I just lost it,” he said. “I just started grabbing computers and phones and throwing them. I just destroyed the place. … I kind of regret that I did it, but I hope my message got across.”

Police said Perala took off his shirt and put on safety glasses before throwing around computers, phones and other items.

One employee was struck in the shoulder by a phone before he and other workers dashed into an office, locked the door and called police, Sgt. Kevin Volrath said. Other businesses in the West Acres mall lowered their steel security gates during Thursday’s incident.

Perala was arrested without incident and jailed on charges of felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor simple assault.