Bwahaha, I have a GMail account! It’s not vaporware after all! How did I get an account, you ask? Well, it involves Blogger… That’s all I’m going to say.

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! So every three months, the Puget Sound Blood Center sends a Bloodmobile to my campus. I made an appointment for the first time it came around, but had to cancel it due to a meeting conflict. The second time it came around, I went to donate without an appointment and they were full. Finally, I got to donate yesterday.

Since it was my first time donating with them, I had to go through the full screening process, mini interview and all. Finally, I give blood and they have me lay down for an extra a few minutes afterward since this was my first time with them and all. The actual process of giving blood went just fine. As I was laying down resting, my stomach started to feel a bit nauseous. Suddenly, the nausea got worse and I started to think about asking one of the nurses for something to vomit into. The next thing I notice, there are three people crowded around me and I’ve got cold compresses on my neck and chest. Turns out, I passed out! I was only out for a few seconds, but it was not a pleasant experience. Soon after I woke up, I broke out in a cold sweat. I felt functional about 5 minutes later, but I was definitely tired and out of it for the rest of the day. I, obviously, skipped my hockey game.

I’m sorry folks, this one just speaks for itself. David Hasselhoff is going to be making a Knight Rider movie, possibly with Ben Affleck playing his son. I’m so there on opening night.

Oh my god, I just saw a Lotus 340R on American soil. I wanted to hump hump that car on first sight.

I’ve been a bad blogger. I apologize. Time for Ultra Happy Delight Bullets!

  • Dream from last night: I cannot remember the bulk of the dream, but it involved a large number of my friends from both Microsoft and UMich at a presentation of some sort. Everyone was sitting in rows of chairs waiting for it to start. I was supposed to drive to this with one of the devs on my team, Matt, but when I got there, he was sitting with Matt Weber. Just before the presentation started, I remember that I borrowed Jeff’s can opener and he needed it back! I was quite concerned since this was a limited edition can opener. Oddly enough, there were shelves and shelves of shoe boxes and skiing equipment to the side of the presentation room. After a frantic search, I finally found the can opener at the bottom of a shoe box. The can opener was a WRX model in Sonic Yellow, which would explain why I was frantic to find it (the Impreza WRX in Sonic Yellow is a very rare sight). That doesn’t explain why I am having crazy dreams.

  • FloorBurn improved to a record of 3-2 after our 6-2 win on Tuesday. I scored twice, so I’m back as leading scorer.

  • Wall of Meat (flag football) is perfect so far at 2-0! We had a come from behind win on Saturday with our new quarterback, but I can definitely see the team improving from here out.

  • I’m getting closer to buying the Camaro. The owner just needs to get it to pass emissions and then I will almost certainly buy it.

  • The NY auto show is tomorrow thus I expect information about the 2005 Subarus to be released tomorrow. Rumor has it that the WRX will go a complete redesign for the ’06 model year, so maybe buying an ’05 would be silly. I don’t want to look dated that fast!

Merc A series: Puke, simply puke. Retarded hybrid (no pun intended) of the Prius, Caravan and Civic Si.

I am genuinely curious to know, on average, how many people a person knows (basically friends and family) that have committed suicide? Personally, I believe I only know of one person. I say believe because I have a very good ability to block out many harmful events. I only know of one person that committed suicide at my high school during the four years I was there and I didn’t actually know the person, so they aren’t on my list. There was a discussion I saw online and some people knew upwards of nine people that had ended their lives. I guess that high of a number just made me think. I’m still thinking.

The fourth FloorBurn game was last night. We improved our record to 2-2! Lee and I were back on a line again, but we just weren’t in sync. I was playing too far away from him and he wasn’t able to get the puck up to me. No matter what, I stole the puck deep in their end, deked the goalie and got my fourth goal of the season. We ended up winning 4-1 and team morale was much higher than any other night. It’s possible that our practice last week really did help, but we shall see.