Adequate bike protection?

Hmm, based on this thread at Bike Forums, I’ll need the following products to sufficiently deter bike theft:

Weave the cable through your wheels, through the frame and around the object to which you’re securing.  Lock both ends of the cable in the padlock.  The u-lock is then locked around the frame and that same secure object (bike post, et cetera).   A double system like this will deter most theives.

Issues with the Miata as of 30July2009

  • Blown suspension (front driver shock if not more)
  • Drivetrain mounts (motor, diff mounts)
  • AC at idle (ISC)
  • Steering drifts to left
  • Shifting slightly difficult randomly (broken bushing?)
  • windows slow to roll up/down
  • Front bumper mispainted
  • Front bumper dented due to license plate frame
  • Air vents sag
  • Glovebox rattles
  • Leather seats torn
  • Tires worn and mismatched
  • Clutch needs bleeding
  • Brakes could use bleeding

Around the web 24Jul2009

  • [Failblog] Creepy bear is creepy.
  • [Autoblog] One off “Dearborn Doll” Mustang has one worthy styling element: The rear wing.  I’m a big fan of the color contrast to the body (orange) and even the internal contrast (black stripe).
  • [Flowing Data] Venn diagram explains perfect business.
  • [Boy Genius Report] “It’s that we took 10 leaps forward with the Hero but took 12 back. With every brilliant addition HTC made, the device suffered a little bit in terms of performance.” – Another fairly damning review of the Hero.

Pardon the dust

After using WordPress to create a campaign website and then a campaign blog, I’m a total convert.   Sorry, Blogger, but I’m moving everything immediately.

Cable cleanup!

Spurred by the addition of a lovely Blu-ray player from my lovely girlfriend, I decided to finally clean up the rats nest behind my entertainment center:

Using about 40 velcro cable ties, I was able to reduce the 37-wire rat nest into this simple arrangement:

I’d be able to get rid of 14 of those wires if I went to HDMI. I can’t afford a new receiver just yet.