God damn it! I hate forgetting that I have a website to deal with. Let’s see, what’s been going on lately. I have a potentially big project on my hands. Basically, it is a complete rewrite of the Content Management System (CMS) I wrote for the daily. Now that I know the error of my ways from the first attempt at a CMS, I can do this one right. So far, I have added (or plan on adding) a completely modular approach, automatic archiving, web-based configuration, a database backend and most importantly, the ability to create sites that have infinite depth. Each template can reference a previous template, which could itself reference a previous template and so on. Try writing a database for that one! Other than that, life is good.

My life just got infinitely better. They finally restocked the Coke machine! Cans of Diet Coke for only $0.45, rejoice.

I ended up working from 11 AM until 4:30 AM on Saturday/Sunday. That’s over 17 hours of work straight. Needless to say, my sleep cycle is completely erratic and my body is weak. That didn’t keep me from playing street hockey with Eric and about 15 little kids yesterday!

Check the timestamp, I’m still at work! Woohoo, going on 14 hours!

Today is one of the most frustrating days of my life. Slashdot has been down ALL day (which I usually check once an hour) and I have been at work for 10 hours now. Mac OS Server X 10.0 needs to die.

After seeing how Fisher-Price-esque Windows XP has become and how it is horribly ripping off Mac OS X, I just had to make this image.

Possibly offensive acts and what certain religions think, all distilled down into a single table. Now you can see easily why the only religion I have ever followed was Buddhism. (Link found in the comments section of Fark to a story about an offensive ad. The ad shows a Catholic man in the line for communion holding a bowl of onion dip. Sweet. Check out the comments for a scan of the ad.)