Eheheh… guess what I got. Here is a hint: Valhalla (my baby, the web server), Moose, Zeus, and the bastard switches. Let’s see, the quality of those pictures are pretty low, and I just took them tonight. You can guess what I got by now, eh?

Also, if you are a UMich student, go check out the Forum. You get to talk about why the Daily is great (or more likely why it sucks), talk about random topics, and most importantly about Erin McQuinn.

If you are a UMich student, go check out, then bitch them out for not including a News service. It’s in the works, and was redone with the idea of serving news to my.umich specifically. I have been informed that the service will be up “some time soon”, but that could be months from now.

Ok, this one is coming with a BIG disclaimer: The comic I am about to link to is sexually graphic, sickly so. It’s still really funny. 🙂 The THIN H LINE Online Comic

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