Server upgrade complete! The downtime wasn’t so much for the extra 128 megs of RAM I installed, but more so that I can undo the overclocking… Unix is much better at making use of a CPU than any form of Windows. That Celeron 366 overclocked to 550MHz without problem on my old Windows 2000 machine. During certain activities (mostly compiling), the computer (the same CPU now in my OpenBSD machine) would completely freeze. This is not normal for Unix, so it must be the overclocking. Running comfortably at 366MHz, the machine should be 100% stable.

To all 5 of you that read this site: The site will be going down again for an upgrade (hardware this time) at 8:00 PM EST. Expected downtime will be less than one hour. Thank you.

Why Mike has stopped going to class: More online comics: Sinfest.

The MP3 of the week has been updated. Radiohead released Kid A awhile ago, and it is a radical departure from the glory that is OK Computer. Most of the songs grow on you, and I absolutely adore Optimistic. The background vocals are melodic (and blend in perfectly with the simplistic guitar riffs), the main vocals are crisp, and there are enough hooks for everyone to love this song. Not sure if this is radio-single-style quality, but it’s quality nonetheless. The lyrics have a perfect sense of sardonicism (yes, that is a word, go look it up, MOFO):

You can try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

This one’s optimistic
This one went to market
This one just came out of the swamp
This one dropped a payload
Fodder for the animals
Living on an animal farm

Did I mention that I love OpenBSD? Did I mention I love the mascot?

An hour of downtime equals an upgraded server. I just upgraded this web server (which is also my ftp server, DHCP server, MP3 server, and would be my DNS server if it wasn’t so slow) to OpenBSD 2.8. There was a huge list of changes from 2.7 and even though none of them seemed critical, upgrades are always nice.

The : community cartooning: a very interesting idea. An Open Source comic strip, practically. People are allowed to use the characters from Penny Arcade and make up their own strips. There are almost 4000 strips now, in various states of quality in humor and artistry. The gems are few and far between, but they also hit a wide variety of subjects such as Dragonball Z.