Penny Arcade: Another comic: More games, more geeks, lots of killing, and mayo. My favorites are Cam and Poke. Genuis

MegaTokyo: a comic strip about gaming and Japanese culture. A new love is found.

A day Without Weblogs? What a pathetic cause. I can sort of understand a Day without Art (even though that is everyday in my life) supporting World Aids Day. A day without weblogs is just another crappy webloggers movement.
Here are some great links on this day that I should not be linking (snicker): ISketch is a great form of online Pictionary. It uses Shockwave, the interface is tight and the speed is excellent. A great way to chat online as well!
Schlong Song. Sisqo likes meat.

I hereby declare that President-Elect Bush no longer carry that title, nor ever carry the title of President, but from this point on be referred to as President 537. 537 votes? C’mon people.

I broke a heart today. Well, it was more like I split a heart in two. I got to bisect a sheep heart for the purposes of knowing where the major arteries connect to the heart. The disection list has grown: frog, earthworm, crayfish, lamprey, mud puppy, shark, pig, cat, and now a sheep heart. Yummy!

(Posting from Netscape 6 in Linux) Why oh why couldn’t I have found NEdit sooner? For programming, this application is a dream. It has built in syntax highlighting (different elements of your code get colored differently) and smart indenting! Smart indenting seems to be working perfectly even though it is touted as being experimental. I place an open bracket, and the next line will be indented. I place a close bracket, and the current line moves back 3 spaces. Perfect. On top of all of this, it is free.

‹idiocy›Ever seen a movie with an evil character? Every played a video game with an evil character? Ever read a book with an evil character?‹/idiocy› How To Be A Successful Evil Overlord could have helped them all.

Sega knows they are on the way out. They know their Dreamcast did not build up enough of a market share to take away from the new Playstation 2. What to do next? Rip into Sony!