The FDA is getting in the way of the Digital Angel. The DA is a small box that is powered by body heat that acts as a GPS unit. Originally, the plan was to implant this under the skin. The FDA would need to approve that, so the makers decided to just put it on the skin. Spineless bastards.

Leaves descend in troves

A barren branch remains pure

Crisp air refreshes


Well, once again, I got to miss a Bad Religion show. I have been a fan for 7 years now, and I have missed at least 8 possible shows. The first few were because of that gigantic thumb I lived under; I called it “Parental Guidance”. During that middle period, I missed the shows because the album they were touring for frankly sucked. Fast forward to 2000, the May release of The New America and I started to get excited with the band again. Preliminary reports of this tour got me even more excited since they were playing mostly older songs (read: good songs)! They come to SE Michigan on tour for this new album, and I am too busy to go to the show. At least The Daily published a nice article about them yesterday.

This is NOT a Photoshopped image. It is a true billboard where the ad agency made a severe mistake.

Michigan State (3-3) at (16) Michigan (5-2)

Player to Watch: Ryan Van Dyke, QB, Michigan State. Starter has struggled since returning from injury and even got replaced last week by Jeff Smoker.


Both sides are issuing the standard spin about this being a tough rivalry game, but reality says it’s a mismatch. Despite their 3-0 start, the Spartans clearly are in a rebuilding year following a 10-2 campaign in 1999. The only consistency is RB T.J. Duckett, the nation’s No. 5 rusher (148.3 yards). Michigan exploded in a 58-0 win last week and will likely go right at the Spartans’ wobbly defensive front with powerful RB Anthony Thomas.

Lets try this a third time! The Michigan Daily and The State News are sharing a bit too much today. They shared articles rippping into each other: The Daily published this rebuttal to the Erin McQuinn article from October 10th. Snews published this article putting down Spartan tradition. In contrast, Snews also created a beautiful image of Ann Arbor and the culture, comparing it to a small European city. An odd assortment for the last day of publishing before the Big Game….