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Well, that just sucked. The server side includes that I added worked just fine for the first time that you loaded the page. Subsequent times, all of the possible includes were shown! Hopefully I caught this before anyone else, otherwise there could be problems….

According to this Daily Radar article, Dark Angel is a blatant ripoff of Robert Heinlein, one of the greatest science fiction authors.

Excellent. An ISP without all of the crap: FlexNet. They don’t even allow AOL members to sign up. Given that Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 have a wizard to setup your internet account, all you need is the username, password, and phone number that they give you.

The big decision looms: Do I stick with crappy IDE hardware, or do I start to upgrade to SCSI? The new PleXWriter PX-W1210S cd burner is 12x/10x/32x and SCSI. The IDE version of the same has been a top drive for some time. With SCSI, upgrading is easy. With IDE, the price is actually reasonable. Plextor IDE: $250. Plextor SCSI: $380. That just made up my mind.

Brain Size In Premature Infants Significantly Smaller Than Full-Term Babies… isn’t that a well-known fact? The braincase of humans is so large at full development that females would have to be structured very differently to give birth. Instead, the brain and braincase increase in size after birth. Of course the brain is going to be one of the last things to fully develop, and thus premature babies will have smaller brains.

I guess it is working. My more frequent users should get a personalized message where “This sentence is false.” used to reside. If you want your own personal message, email me! If you need anything web based, email me. If you need anything computer related, email me. Being a whore, looking for work. Oh yeah, need a website or website design, email me. I can do more than just steal designs. ::grin::