I have now received over 8 pieces of graduation propaganda. I guess once you have 100 credits, they decide that you are going to graduate this year, if not this semester. Sorry to disappoint the university, but I will probably be here until Winter 2003.

The world, and especially the US, is going to encounter an energy shortage in the next 30 years. The oil supply is steady now, but it is estimated that with our current rate of extraction, that supply will be nil in 25 years. Coal reserves can stretch out for 5 years beyond that, and then our fossil fuels are gone. As of 1998, 89% of the energy of the world was produced from fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources are less efficient, such as nuclear energy. Future energy sources need to be developed. Fusion would be an excellent development, since power output is almost 10 times the power input. The US has completely stepped out of the research and development of fusion power, hoping that Russia/Japan/Canada will develop the technology and license it to the world.

With a headline like Scientists Learn To Program Human Dreams, you would think this was a great accomplishment. Instead, they had people play Tetris for like 3 days straight, and 60% of the people ended up having a dream about Tetris. Try again, science-folks.

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Looking for a new computer? Looking for a very small new computer? The Espresso PC is about the size of a large graphing calculator. I would be afraid of losing that thing. The cost is prohibitive since it uses mostly notebook parts. Less expensive (but much larger) is the BookPC. This uses normal PC parts in a footprint about the size of a phonebook. Neither of these systems are very upgradeable (Cannot upgrade anything on the Espresso, cannot put any new cards into the Book), but neither is the very popular iMac! Got to install one of the new DV models yesterday, and it could not be much easier.

This makes me oddly depressed. The mere idea that the X-33 will not fly is troubling. Mostly, because of the Mars Lander fiasco, NASA is not seen in the brightest of lights anymore. The delays in developing the X-33 are mostly safety based (which makes sense if anyone remembers a slight problem in 1986 with the Challenger…), but these delays are not giving NASA credibility. They need one project to work, and to work well. The International Space Station is still in development, and can’t save them yet…