The Simpsons has been a favorite TV show for most geeks for over 10 years. In the last few seasons, the quality has dropped quickly as the original writers have left. This MSNBC article got it just right. The Simpsons should be taken off the air.

Excellent! I tested out the internet capabilities of my new Linux setup, and I am impressed. My image gallery does not work at all on the Mac platform and only works on the latest browsers in Windows. Here, using Netscape 4.75, it works beautifully.

Posting from RedHat 7.0. This is such a great feeling!

If any of you want to run your own web server, definitely check out DevShed – Server Side for a healthy dose of knowledge. Learn about PHP, Perl, Apache, etc. I love this stuff!

What the hell? My keyboard just died. I thought maybe it was the AT –> PS/2 converter I was using, but a replacement did not improve the situation. Then I thought maybe it was the port on my motherboard. I found a PS/2 — > USB converter and tried that. I ‘borrowed’ a roommate’s keyboard, and that worked just fine. Feeling quite pissed off (do you have any idea how hard it is to use a computer without a keyboard?), I took the old keyboard and shook it around a bit. The power of fear made it work again. Now I can get back to my regular life.

Yes, Redhat Linux 7.0 is out, but when will we be able to download it? The FTP site has been so bogged down that not even the mirror sites can download the necessary files. Even the support site that only paying customers can access is busy! I have successfully connected to one mirror site that had RH 7.0, but the did not have the CD image files (ISOs) that I wanted. 99% of older Linux distributions fail in some way on my hardware, so I figured there would be hope with the most brand new version. When will I get to find out?!

The bitches love me because they know that I can rock.

The bitches love me because they know that I can rhyme.

The bitches love me because they know that I can fuck.

The bitches love me because they know that I’m on time.

All sang by Pikachu! This is the most hilarious video I have seen since Winnie The Pooh Meets Satan.

Heh, I was just kidding, folks. I did end up going to see Phish!

The lot crowd before the show was a bit melancholy, which was most definitely caused by the combination of planes roaring directly overhead every two minutes and the slight amount of rain. Once everyone got inside, the mood was dramatically lifted, mostly because we were no longer cold and wet. Here is the setlist:

Set I (0:53): Come On Baby Lets Go Downtown > Moma Dance, Frankenstein, Halley’s Comet > Fee, Stash

Set II (1:12): Birds of a Feather, Tweezer> NICU > Scent of a Mule, Fast Enough for You, Piper > Character Zer0

Encore (0:09): Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

Short first set, eh? The reason: GLOWSTICKS. People throwing hundreds of glow sticks all over the arena is a cool effect in the dark smoke-saturated environment. People throwing glow sticks at the stage, at the band — not good. We probably missed out on two songs because of it. Most people knew something was wrong at intermission. The arena crowd created a cacophony after the second set which was probably the ONLY reason why Phish did an encore. The crowd really did not deserve it. Thus, we got two songs, and the band bowed and ran off stage. Dodging glowsticks. Again. Bastard phans.