Every morning I read all of the articles at My AltaVista, simply because it is the automatic homepage when I use AltaVista Free Access. When I read that Famke Janssen was learning to lap dance for a new film, I didn’t pay much attention. Later in the day when I realized that Janssen played Dr. Jean Grey in the X Men movie, my thoughts fully changed. She is one of under 5 women in the public eye (read: celebrities) that I find attractive. The others include Natalie Portman and Christy Turlington.

The best part of this article about cloning the Tazmanian tiger:

A far more emotional debate rages over the plan to reincarnate the tiger through cloning. Archer has crossed angry picket lines at his museum, and his work has been denounced by religious groups who accuse the scientists of playing God. “My response is that people played God when we exterminated the animal in the first place,” Archer said.

Don’t laugh. It feels weird that I no longer have an AOL account. Even though I have had much better ways to connect over the past two years (think LAN connected to a T1), the lack of the ability to hop on AOL is overwhelming. No longer can I check the profiles of friends, no longer can I… wait, I guess all I ever used AOL for was to check profiles. I just need to ‘borrow’ an account from someone every once in awhile, and all will be good.

I remember discussing the futility of regrowing neurons in my Neurobiology class first semester of my sophomore year. It was decided that even if new cells could be transplanted and they would grow, the neural net would be so complex that the cells would never fully integrate themselves. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania has made an attempt at this experiment. The results show that the neurons helped stroke victims regain motor control. A very promising step indeed.

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