In the midst of a vast wilderness, far off, standing all alone, is a high mountain. You are sitting on open ground on top of the mountain, looking off into the distance in all directions. There are no boundaries. As you sit, you fill the world. Relaxing and releasing body and mind, You abide in the Buddha-realm.

I used to joke about how my main non-free ISP was AOL (simply because a family member has paid for it, and I get an account), yet my main operating system has become some flavor of UNIX. I thought I would never see this day, but there is now an AOL client for Linux. I cannot try it out, simply because I only have a winmodem that doesn’t work in Linux, but we shall see when I get that cable modem…

They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

Excellent, the next Survivor type show deals with people trying to become astronauts, and the winner gets a trip to MIR.

Oddities. I noticed today that my top line of links (* HOME * ARCHIVES, etc) was resizing with screen size. Hop into my editor, make sure that two of the three data cells in that row have their widths set, and now IE has no trouble keeping the black part the same size. Netscape, on the other hand, decided it still likes to resize it. There goes my browser consistancy! Anyone have a suggestion?

Ahh, memories of Computer Science class, junior year of high school (back when they still taught Pascal!): Game of Life. This is one of the slickest implementations of the Game of Life I have ever seen.

I’ll be damned. The site looks almost identical in Netscape as it does in Internet Explorer. That would definitely have to be a first for me.

When I first read the headline for this article about generic Prozac, I thought it meant that you could get Prozac over the counter. Wouldn’t that be fun?!