Having rarely watched Daria, I surprised myself by recognizing the quote off Re-run.

“Mark your calendar or Palm V. You can expect to die on:

July 21, 2055 at the age of 74 years old.”

The AMD Duron processor (see here) got a great writeup at Ars Technica. I just wish I had enough money to keep up with computer technology. I just finished building my latest computer 3 months ago and I am more than ready to upgrade. Everything I have is at least one step away from top of the line.

I have been drinking tea for many many years now. During the previous school year, that was about all that I drank (1 pot per day). It seem that the health benefits are much greater than anyone expected. If only I could get the coffee machine to produce hot enough water here at work… I would be a much healthier man.

Holy stupidity! I really should learn HTML… I was completely astounded to find out that you can define table cell widths by percentage! Once Netscape 6 gets officially released, I think I will get back into web design. Being a sysadmin is fun and all, but coding has its merits. Learning Java and C++ next semester will only amplify these feelings.

Do you have an extra $3,500 you want to get rid of, and you also want to build the best gaming machine around? Check out the newest High-End Gaming PC over at Sharky.

It seems that a new system bus is being developed by IBM to replace PCI: InfiniBand. I loath names like that.. give me acronyms (Peripheral Component Interface).