Before I get into the daily dump of tech news, I will start with some science: CNN reports that Princeton scientists have found a gene that controls intelligence and have genetically created intelligent mice. Of course, no one can speculate what effect genetic manipulation will have on the similar human gene.

Why is it that I always forget about The Register? It has to be one of the greatest tech news sites out there. Just so I don’t forget again, I have added a link on the right.

Word of the day:

Revenant: /rv-nnt/


  • One that returns after a lengthy absence.

  • One who returns after death.
  • Soy un perdedor. Once again, tech news flutters through the air. The new i815E chipset from Chipzilla is a definite improvement over the i810 and i820 chipsets, or so says a review from Sharky Extreme. The 820 is obviously plagued by the high cost of RDRAM. After significant price cuts, 128meg of RDRAM still costs $350! The 810 was plagued by the onboard video, which was not upgradeable. The 815 uses SDRAM yet also has an AGP slot for video upgradability. The 815 also has a great affinity for onboard hardware, such as a network adapter, modem, or sound card. Brand new systems can be purchased for cheap when built with this chipset.

    I have just found one of the best sources of information for Linux: Trinity OS.