If you don’t know Linux, there are many great places on the web to get info. Up to this point, all of the information I have come across has been helpful. Today, I read this article about proxy servers, yet it is the most worthless article for anyone. Beginners would be confused because the author does not explain how things are done, he simply gives a list of commands and what this setup won’t do. More advanced users would be better off reading the how-to the author had linked. Make Linux easier for people to learn! We must increase the strength of our attack!

Thanks to support from Val, a Word of the Day will become more and more common here. Today I have stolen the word from

ruminate \ROO-muh-nayt\, intransitive verb:

1. To chew the cud; to chew again what has been slightly chewed and swallowed.

2. To think again and again; to muse; to meditate; to ponder; to reflect.

I definitely like the second definition better.

Ever get that feeling of apathy after a new change? Like when you first move to a new home, you do not want to move for quite some time. I finally redesigned this damn page, and I will be damned if I feel like updating it for a week.

The more I work at the Student Publications building, the closer I come to having this be my future: Who Wants to Marry a Sysadmin? If you are not into at least one flavor of UNIX, this will make no sense.

PSone, the portable Sony Playstation. Even though they say that you must plug the system into a regular electrical outlet, you know someone is going to make a fat battery pack. Maybe even a base that will fit just underneath the PSone.

A giant development in the world of cybernetics has occured. The first true cyborg has been created. Based on a wheeled robot design (looks like a robobiscuit), but controlled by a few neurons from an eel, the cyborg can follow or flee light and move in a circle. This does not seem like much, but the implications are astounding.

The word of the day is conduit. Why? It sounds cool.

Conduit: con┬Ěduit (n.) A means by which something is transmitted

The word of the day is used in the song Get Off by Bad Religion:

Lascivious, it’s all that I can think of as I drag my feet,

searching like a diogenes,

dangerous, the adjectives of the decade

and of your alluring intricacies,

I can see your green-screen mentality

and I can feel the sting of it’s consequence,

and I know I shouldn’t

but it’s too much to ignore, an emotion I deplore,

every time I look at you,

I just want do it,

I can clench my fist right through it

but I just want to get off

rectilinear, this direction we’ve been heading

never realizing we are on a runaway machine,

angular, the momentum that does turn us one

step further on our ladder,

one more turn toward the east,

I realize your green-screen mentality

and I know it is shared by many more,

I know it’s quite impossible

but I am damned to find a way to revolve the other way,

every time I scrutinize I just say “screw it”,

we’re on a ride down a blind conduit

and I just want to get off