WTF? Since when did our product still blue screen? This is the first one I’ve seen on a computer I own in probably three years.

Damn, it was cold out this morning. Yes, I’m from Michigan so I shouldn’t be cold at a whopping 32 degrees windchill, but don’t forget, I never wear a coat or gloves out here. Maybe I should start and maybe I should do something to keep my car warm.

Ford Focus Forum, News, Discussion and Chat: Now this is a great installation. So far, I’ve been trying to mount the horns either behind the main grill (where the Ford emblem is, though mine is now an SVT emblem) or where the stock horns are (behind the drivers side fog lamp). Instead, this person has installed them in the lower grill in the bumper! I just need to figure out how to do the same thing.

Pontiac | Vehicle Locator | Results: Ok, I have decided that the Pontiac “Locate Vehicle” site is not kept up to date. I *know* that someone picked up an ’04 GTO (Yellow Jacket M6, to be specific) and the search is still returning 25 available vehicles. People are getting these cars for less than $20k out the door! That is crazy! It doesn’t help that I owe less than what my current car is worth. I’m almost tempted to put it up for sale just to see if anyone would pick it up at the right price.

So the release of the new Hot Snakes album, Audit in Progress, has prompted me to renew my EMusic subscription. To win me back, they offered a free month and 40 downloads. The normal free trial is two weeks and 25 downloads. I just downloaded the entire new album, so I have 28 left. I’m not sure if 40 MP3s is worth $9.99/month. Though, the bonus is that all of the MP3s that I downloaded with EMusic in the past are still linked to my account. If you have purchased a song once, you can download it as many times as you’d like! I lost all of my MP3s in a catastrophic crash so I can reclaim those now! Rock.

God DAMNIT! Two crappy McHorrible bits:

1) I missed not only the release of the new Hot Snakes record, I missed their Seattle tour date! God damnit. I love their live shows. Damnit god.

2) So, I’m sick. That’s not the bad part. I ran to Qdoba to grab some lunch to eat back in my office. Normally, I eat with Jeff, but I can barely talk today. So, I’m picking up the completely-full 32oz Diet Coke out of the cup holder of my SVT Focus with one hand. The cup just barely fits in the holder so it requires a bit of strong grip and a bit of dexterity. I’m sick, so I got the grip part without the dexterity. I successfully liberated the cup from the holder and then successfully liberated the soda from the cup. I’m assuming about 20 oz spilled all over my seats, floor, cup holder, heated seat button, stickshift and parking brake. Way to go.

GTO Watch!

Right now, it is possible to get a brand new 2004 Pontiac GTO for $10,000 under MSRP. A 350 HP RWD 6 speed coupe for $23k. Unbelievable! Well, I took a look on Friday and there were 25 available in the “area” around my zip code, 98005. I say “area” because the Pontiac website lets you input a zip code and then it returns a result set. It never says how far away it searches, but it did turn up results in Olympia (65 miles away).

Well, after a weekend of crappy weather, I guess no one wanted to buy a RWD coupe. There are still 25 available. There are three in the exact color combination I want (no, I’m not telling you).