Woohoo, three more GMail invites! I think I might want to try gmailswap soon as the invites seem to be increasing in number.

Nothing quite like slogging through an array of websites to find out the recommended fuel for your new crappy car. Considering that the car was produced in 1992, trying to find information about it online is interesting. Most of the sites that have info are either all-encompasing sites that cover a certain aspect of all cars (safety info, for example), or they are some enthusiast site just for that car or type of car (thus a third generation Camaro). I finally found that my base V6 engine only requires regular unleaded fuel. I know the Chevy used to have a 4-cyl Camaro and that would obviously take regular so I figured it was possible that the V6 was mapped for midgrade (89 octane). Nope, just 87 octane.

Cop was killed for his gun, authorities say: This sort of sounds like a movie plot; Ex-marine, Gulf War veteran, stalks/hunts down police officers until he finds a vulnerable one, marine hops out of Camaro and applies a shotgun blast to the head of the cop, steals cop’s gun. What happens next?!

Well, my gallery is officially dead. I’m in the process of rebuilding it. Anyway…

Religion is just a meme in the minds of many. The mind is comprised of a collection of neurons with some capabiilty of memory and higher processing. The neurons are a physical entity that is controlled by chemicals and electrical pulses. Viruses can have an affect on chemicals and chemical processes. Why can’t someone just create a virus to destroy religion? Would it really be that hard? Please?

Found on Fark! retroCRUSH: The 50 Coolest Song Parts: I don’t agree with many of the selections (either that or it’s just hard to tell from the much-needed but low quality MP3 clips they give you) but over all this is a pretty cool list with some of my favorites. Favorites include anything by Queen, The Who and Heart.

Oh, BTW, my gallery is hosed. I’m not exactly sure when it happened or what happened, but it’s hosed. I tried to upload some pictures last night and my upload tool kept crashing. I tried to add the pictures through the normal web interface and that was having some problems. When I couldn’t delete some albums, that’s when I knew it was completely messed up. Even upgrading over the existing installation didn’t help.

Looks like I get to rebuild it from scratch this weekend! Yay!

When you drive to work and get out of your car and then ask yourself “Am I wearing underwear?”, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Why the hell did The Berry Zone have to pick the exact same Blogger template as me? I mean, come on, dude already stole my first name, he doesn’t have to be lazy and steal the same damn template!

No matter, it’s all love.